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We’re always on the lookout for exceptional talent and enthusiastic people to join our team.

If you are looking for a full-time job or a freelancer who would be interested in being kept on our radar for future opportunities, then please submit your details to us – we would love to hear from you and see your work! We will get in touch with you as and when opportunities arise.
The projects slated for the coming year are set to grow Viridian further as we look to tackle larger scale projects, so we’re actively hiring artists to join our York based team. Please get in touch at
Current Openings


– Senior Compositor
   – A minimum of 6 years Nuke compositing in a production environment is required
   – Experience as a sequence Lead is preferable
   – Position is flexible – remote / on-site


– Junior Compositor
   – A degree or qualification in Nuke is essential
   – A showreel demonstrating compositing ability must be submitted
   – Willingness to learn and adapt in a small team environment


– CG Artist
   Will be need to be comfortable;
   – Modelling and sculpting hard surface and organic models.
   – Texturing and Shading photo realistic assets.
   – Organising scenes and scripts efficiently.
   – Communicating ideas and questions clearly.


– Junior Unreal TD
   Will need a working knowledge of UE5. Including;
   – The ability to build custom Control rigs and manipulate mocap data.
   – Comprehensive understanding of Blueprint design for world building & animation.
   – Optimisations for real-time rendering.
   – Using sequencer for scene building, lighting and rendering